It’s always about #love and #fear

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It’s always about #love and #fear.
Each of our actions is affected and motivated by two emotions: love and fear. If we feel jealous, angry, if we feel something like hate…it’s always fear, the fear of not being loved and seen. I think to live an authentic and grateful self, #selflove is the first step we need to take. Within this „little“ move, we set the base to climb the stairs called life. You will fall back, you maybe break a leg while walking, but you can always choose between them.Today I woke up and felt pain. My ankle still hurts, my stomach was aching and I felt destroyed. I think my body wanted to tell me that it’s ok to feel pain, to feel weak but the last weeks I couldn’t accepted that. I couldn’t accept that there is a human being inside me that is searching for pure love. For something big and I will never stop believing in myself and in love instead of fear. 


Madlén Bohéme